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The hip, the cool, the horse.

The smoky bar was awash in a thick haze of unfiltered cigarettes. The thin artists disappeared into themselves, silent and swaying with thick glasses of wine and liquor always at their fingertips.

The top door swung open and hardly anyone even turned at all, so consumed with tres cool ennui and black turtlenecks were they. Down the old brick steps to the smoky speakeasy clip-clopped a large bay stallion, with a tiny black beret and some vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers shading his large, dark horse-eyes.

The man who was making guttural noises in a tiny white leotard raised his voice into a crescendo of agonizing shrieks and abruptly stopped. The hip mods all snapped their fingers softly with little effort, the soft, insect-like clicking signifying their approval.

The horse slowly made its way up to the small raised platform and the crowd started to pay attention. Now, this was something new. Something hip. Not square at all, they thought.

With a slight whinny, Horse_ebooks cleared his throat and clicked his large tongue to signal the start of his spoken word.
"When the Bottom Falls Out Of your Chair, You don t want to brag but you, 100 times a day, might actually."

A few of the Parisians slid their own glasses down their noses to take in this ethereal being. With a quick tip-tap of his front hooves, Horse_ebooks continued.

"What did you buy? I bought a dress. I bought some steak. Where did you go last weekend and what did you do?
What to do.
We speak and breathe everything, everybody, including you and me, as we will. Maybe one day I myself will, MOVE THINGS, massive stars…” He reared and bucked slightly, and a few of the hip cool hipsters gasped. This is what they were looking for. The MOVEMENT. The truth, the horse, its words!

"Draw the details of the mouth, with the quiet, need to polish. Imagine no. keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep keep, keep keep keep keep keep…" His voice grew louder, the repeated word lost meaning and as he continued, Horse_ebooks seemed to start convulsing. He pawed like mad at the stage in front of him, his snorts and words making swirls in the smoke clouds that hovered about everyone.

Mais, oui! This was LE COOL, thought all the beat poets. They stood and swooned, they beat their feet on the ground and snapped loudly. One woman fainted holding a long baguette in her slender, paint-splattered hand. Horse_ebooks grew quiet and sullen and whispered one last line.

"Put my knowledge to work and see your tar-filled lungs in the same way as soap acts. Glad you asked." With a little nod, the horse grabbed a bottle of wine from a nearby table and clip clopped away, up the stairs, and into the Paris night. A new era of Art had begun.

I’m coming out…to the team.

"Beggar My Neighbor Bingo Birds, Beasts and Fishes Bird Catcher 26, Birds Fly…!" The team chimed in for the last few words, thumped their hands downwards with force, and huzzahed with gusto.

The team captain, a broad, shining beast of a stallion wearing shoulder pads and a large red jersey, continued after leading us on our team cheer. “UNLEASH YOUR INNER MONEY ANIMAL RIGHT HERE.”

The boys in the locker room went wild, beating their chests and thumping each other on the back. I’d always been uncomfortable with this. No one on my team knew I was actually gay, and I didn’t know how to proceed. No one knew the real me, and I was still exploring everything myself. I felt like I was lying to the team, and I knew my nerves would get the better of me on the field. I watched Horse_ebooks flip down his trademark shades and wondered how he’d react if I told them.

"That’s right, Birds! We’re the BEST team. YOU CANNOT LET US DOWN! Everything is riding on THIS GAME," The coach jabbed his finger into our faces and strut slowly in front of us, Skoal in cheek and clipboard in hand. I shivered and gulped. I had to tell the team now. Before the big game, though? It might ruin everything. But if I couldn’t play as myself, I couldn’t play at all. I thought better of it, but before I could stop myself, the words slipped through my mouth.

"Guys, I like guys." I blurted. The team stopped whooping and turned to face me.

"ort? what are you roaring?" Horse_ebooks clomped closer to me, using my team nickname, ort.

"I…I’m afraid I won’t do well if I kept my secret to myself. I don’t want to let you all down…" I said, suddenly wondering why I’d opened my mouth at all.

"uncomfortable police…" Horse_ebooks said jokingly, under his breath. Some of the guys chuckled. I reddened.

"I understand that the Information…We all know how frustrating it is when cravings…to do it…." Horse_ebooks was thrust into an awkward position, and tried to say something, anything. "From…to controlling the big….To make a long story short, I got…"

"Are you sure?" Asked the coach. He pointed at a nude calendar on the wall, circling a woman’s breasts with his index finger.

I cringed and nodded. “I’m so sure.”

Horse_ebooks shrugged, and took the coach’s lead. “Check out just SOME!” The coach turned to the next month and thrust a woman’s spread legs in my face. Horse_ebooks whinnied and whispered to the picture, “pieces! Sweet! You kept it clean and easy and I appreciate you.”

I was so uncomfortable. Coach threw the poster down and walked towards the exit. The guys all milled around and some came up to give me a pat on the back. Horse_ebooks took a breath and clipped over to me quickly, putting a large hoof on my shoulder.

"I am going to help you become the person you know." He looked deep into my eyes, pulling down his shades and handing me my helmet. The rest of the team nodded, joining in and gathering closer to us. They all started to clomp me on the back and Horse_ebooks reared high in the air. I felt great. Eff Coach, my team were my bros! I felt great, and ready to kick some football ass.

We yanked on our helmets and started to chant and stomp, the best captain Horse_ebooks yelling our last-minute team cheer: “Servings of vegetables nnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnn Raw vpp-ptahlp<? nnnnnnnnnnnn rvaw vegetaoies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” As we charged onto the field.

Obedience class

"Who s Training Who?" asked the horse standing next to me, waiting for obedience class to start. Sure my dog was a tiny bit out of control, but that was a very rude thing to say. I also wondered how a horse got a dog in the first place.

He stomped a hoof on the ground twice, and his corgi did a backflip. “Animal magic” he said with a wink, looking at me. Was he… hitting on me?

I took my phone out and nervously started to pretend to read some emails. It didn’t phase him. “Have you ever made a phone call to a man and later regretted it? Have you ever hesitated before”

I started to get a bit creeped out. “Um… I have a boyfriend, you know.” I muttered.

He pressed his snout to my ear and whispered “the gorgeous liars,”. I shuddered in disgust. He continued. “Imagine, you bring home toothpaste,” How has anyone else in the class not noticed this huge horse hitting on me? I made a mental note not to stand in the back of the class next week.

He then started licking my neck, continuing to whisper. “Some people think French kissing is no big deal. It s just like a regular kiss, but with a little added tongue-action. That s dead wrong.”

"Okay, STOP!" I yelled, frustrated. "I’m not interested!"

He looked a bit taken aback and started to walk off. On his way out, he turned back and noticed I was still staring at him in disbelief and lifted his tail.

"Revealed: Two of the sexiest minerals and" I couldn’t hear the rest of what he said over the sound of me vomiting.

The Pyramid’s Curse

We had spent years preparing for this day. Finally, my dream was becoming a reality. The crowd cheered as myself and my team entered the last unexplored pyramid in Egypt.

As we lowered ourselves into the dark corridor, one of my associates turned on his flashlight. Immediately we saw a yellowed, dusty piece of paper on the ground. Were we not the first ones here?

I walked over and blew the dust off. It seemed to be a journal entry. I read it aloud.

"I noticed that my hair grew faster from spending time in my pyramid."

We had ourselves a good laugh and ventured on down the hallway, wondering what prankster had left that note. However, we soon noticed each other’s hair was slightly longer than it had been minutes earlier when we entered the pyramid. Surely, the curse of the pyramid was a myth?

We ventured forward, a bit shaken from what had happened. We entered a large, pitch black room when suddenly all of our flashlights stopped working! Feeling along the wall of the dark room, I found a ledge with some old candles. I lit one and noticed another note below.

"I m not some candle expert, but just a mom that loves to spend time with her kids and enjoys great smelling"

The bottom of the note had been ripped off. Who was writing these? I moved my hair, which was now covering my eyes, and continued on through the large room.

We came to two large doors. No matter what we did, they wouldn’t budge. Eventually out of desperation, we began to inspect the large room. I came across another note, this time written on the wall in dried blood. I could just barely make out the first few words.

"digest the golden"

I had only a few seconds to ponder what that meant before a golden scarab crawled across the wall in front of me. No… it couldn’t mean that! With no other options, I plucked it from the stone and shoved it in my mouth. As I swallowed it, the large stone doors slowly slid open across the room.

The next room we entered seemed to be a torture chamber. There were chains and dried blood hanging from the wall. Someone noticed another note on the ground.

"I didn t like having my bike stolen, and I definitely did not enjoy being lashed with a heavy chain. For months (maybe"

We continued, trying not to trip over our hair which was now touching the ground. The next room we came across had tiny holes in the dirt. Up against the wall on the other side was the skeleton of a horse. I noticed another note, right in the horses ribcage. I grabbed it and reeled back in horror.

"Worms – oh my god WORMS"

Doctors Visit

Horse_ebooks glanced down at the cover of the months old copy of Women’s Day on the side table next to him.

"What to do in an emergency. (Page 117) What to do if your ferret starts to sneeze. (Page 119)" he read aloud, as an old woman struggled to get past him up to the front desk.

"Mr. Ebooks?" a nurse called from the doorway "The doctor will see you now."

Horse_ebooks barely squeezed by other nurses in the hallway as he was lead to the examination room.

"The doctor will be with you in just a moment," the nurse said, closing the door behind her.

Horse_ebooks stared at the old painting on the wall. After a moment, he shook his head. Soon, the door swung open. An old man walked into the room, with a stethoscope around his neck wearing a white coat. “Hello Mr. Ebooks, I’m docto-”

The doctor paused at the sight of a ray-ban wearing stallion standing in his examination room.

"Ask your dumbass friends if they know of a reputable artist." Horse_ebooks sneered, eying the painting hanging on the wall across from him.

"Thanks, I-I’ll do that. Now you see, I don’t normally treat horses, but apparently an exception has been made. So tell me about your medical history."

Horse_ebooks stared wistfully at the wall. “I have been in the deepest, darkest valleys of bodybuilding hell, and on the brightest mountain peaks of glorious bodybuilding success. I” Tears started welling up in his eyes, he couldn’t finish.

"I see," said the doctor, beginning to lose his patience. "So what brings you in today?"

"my greasy ham" replied the horse.

"Your… greasy ham?"

Horse_ebooks clumsily turned around to show his glistening hindquarters to the doctor, knocking over a glass container of cotton balls in the process.

"NO-ONE should have to go through what I did just to build a simple koi pond"

"I see. Well, I don’t know if theres much I can do about your greasy ham, Mr. Ebooks. I think our time here is done. Please go to the front desk to discuss payment."

Confused, Horse_ebooks walked up to the receptionists desk.

"How was your session with the doctor?" she asked, not looking up from her paperwork.

"it was absolutely useless. Thanks"

"Oh, well. I’m very sorry to hear that. Payment is due at the time of service. Will you be paying with cash or credit, Mr. Ebooks?"

Horse_ebooks looked down at the $500 bill. He looked back up at the receptionist.

"If you suffer from bad credit, you have 3 options: do nothing" he yelled, galloping out the front door.

The Curse

It was a normal day at Walmart in Normaltown, USA. I had gotten a great evening of rest and I was ready to restock the infant section. I had just finished tagging all the new Infamil when I felt hot breath on the back of my neck. Turning, I was face to face with a large, Chestnut horse. He looked curiously at me and cocked his huge head to one side.

"Hi, how can I…help you?" I asked. The horse blinked.

"Where Do I Find Ghosts," He queried. He cocked his head a bit to the other side.

"I’m sorry—what are you looking for?" The horse couldn’t have just said ‘ghosts’…?

"82. Pluto Coffee 83. Praline Coffee 84. Turkish Coffee…" Grabbing a piece of paper from his large, horsey fanny pack, he let out a great big shudder as he mumbled and read.

"Oh, coffee. That’d be aisle 4 with the tea, coffee, and other beverages. Right over near the front of the store." I smiled and turned back towards stocking.

"You are smiling." The horse said. Weirded out, I stepped a bit away from the be-speckled stallion. He stepped towards me. I stepped to the left. The horse mirrored my movements. "Is the dance floor calling? No." Did he just sass me?

I took a deep breath. “Is there something else I can help you find?”

"CHOCOLATE SYRUP REFRESHING DRINK FOR SUMMER." Horse_ebooks yelled as he read off his list. A woman pushing a child in her shopping cart sped away with widened eyes.

"That would be in the same aisle as the various coffees, sir," I stage whispered, hoping to draw attention away from us. I saw my manager watching us with curiosity. The horse leaned close to me and his mane brushed against my cheek, falling over my shoulder and his flapping horse lips grabbed at the ends of my coif.

"our hair…" The horse whispered, staring with large, black, emotionless eyes.

"Excuse me, who do you think you are and what do you think you’re doing?!" I stepped back and knocked over the row of Infamil I had just stacked. The horse looked nonplussed.

"Freudian analyst, paint pictures, dance, do bio-energetic exercises and yoga, meditate, levitate, pray, and commune with nature on peyote—" With that, the horse threw back his head and laughed. "I Laughed Out Loud…Now I Know What I Have To Do." Horse_ebooks spat out ominously and dropped his shopping list. He turned tail and galloped, swerving, through the front entrance, kicking displays and knocking over Faded Glory clothing racks as he went.

My manager came over to me at a good clip. “Damn meth heads. I have kicked that idiot horse out of here three times this week. He came in here yesterday screaming for PUMPKIN PIE and DELICIOUS MUD. He’s cranked out. You ok?” I nodded and picked up the shopping list he had so unceremoniously let flutter to the ground.

It wasn’t a shopping list at all. It read simply, “I AM THE UNDISPUTED KING OF CASH AND I AM UTTERLY FREE” written in oxidized blood. In tiny lettering that looked fecal, I made out the words, “To have my throat cut across… My tongue torn out by the roots… And my body buried in the rough sands of the sea.” That night I lost the use of my legs. To this day, hair grows on my tongue. 

Horse_ebooks: This is a romantic story. If you do not

The woods stretched on up the hill and all around them like a deep, rolling ocean. The night brought a cool air that hung heavy and dense and tasted green. It was a welcome respite from the earlier heat of the hike. Rebecca rested for a moment next to Thomas and their eyes met. Electricity sparked inside Thomas. Was this the night? The night he’d finally tell her how he felt? A windfall of images from the last 10 years flashed before his eyes and overwhelmed him. Playing in the creek as kids. A clandestine, shared cigarette on the roof. Barefoot summer nights and that time he carried her home drunk after prom. He hadn’t seen her in months, and this camping trip was just what he needed to finally open up. A few of their friends walked ahead with some people they invited from work that Thomas had never met. One was a tall, muscular stallion with an ebony mane and a pair of sunglasses he hadn’t taken off since they had embarked and wore even now in the twilight.

"There are over 34,000 documented and named spiders in the world? You won’t be able to get away from them, but you…" Horse_ebooks’ voice carried softly back to Thomas through the pines.

Now that he thought about it, Thomas hadn’t heard Horse_ebooks stop talking since he had had a tough time getting over the slippery rocks in the river at the start of the trail. All the better to distract the others while he told Rebecca how he felt…

From up ahead, Thomas heard Horse_ebooks yelling amongst the others. “Hey Teens, Let’s Stop.” The group dropped their bags.

An hour later and the friends had made their campsite, put up their tents, and were busy lighting some kindling. Thomas and Rebecca were searching through the nearby brush for more dry wood and he saw his moment was finally here. He took a deep breath and tried to quiet the nervous ringing in his ears that swelled up suddenly.

"Some of the old camping spots were barren or covered in trash," Horse_ebooks clopped right up to Thomas and Rebecca and stood right next to them.

"Yeah, you picked a good spot," Rebecca said and gave the horse a pat on his neck.

'What was that?' thought Thomas, his mind racing to find a way to get Rebecca alone again. “Hey man, can you go ask the other guys what sort of wood we should be looking for?”

"Pine." Horse_ebooks answered almost before Thomas was even done talking.

"Horse_ebooks teaches a few classes at the community college on wood studies," Rebecca smiled and stooped to pick up more kindling.

"Characteristics of Trees — Naturalness of Tree Worship — Origin of the Worship — The Tree of Life — Ancient Types — A Tree as a Symbol of—" Horse_ebooks started, but Thomas cleared his throat to stop him.

"You guys…know each other?"

"Yeah, Thomas…I was going to tell you earlier but Horse_ebooks was having trouble on the wet rocks—"

Horse_ebooks interrupted: “It’s almost a bit weird having completely dry feet at all times!” Rebecca and the horse started to laugh.

Thomas turned red. “Tell me what?”

Rebecca answered, with Horse_ebooks interjecting every step of the way: “Well, I was in Horse_ebooks’ Naturalness of Tree Worship class this semester and one day, I stayed late to ask a question—”

"Suddenly and without warning,"

"And he had begun to hint about if we could perhaps become—"

"—potential lovers—"

"—And I had said, well you’re a teacher…and a horse…so maybe we should weigh the pros and cons—

"—I started looking at my options and I mean ALL of my options,"

"—Which led to us, well, Thomas, we’ve been dating for two months!" Rebecca leaned over and kissed Horse_ebooks on his forelock.

"I have problems," Horse_ebooks said, "constantly."

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asked.

"The rock-hard thighs of a God." The horse said, lowering his voice. Thomas groaned. "Everyone else gets big slices of PIE all over their faces?" The horse peered over the top of his sunglasses and gave her a long, deep stare. "PUMPKIN PIE?" She burst out laughing.

"You are SO naughty! Who would have thought? We’re so in love! We’re even getting matching tattoos this week!" She continued to giggle and Thomas felt the forest spinning around him. He almost felt like he was going to vomit. His Rebecca…and Horse_ebooks?! Matching tattoos?!!

"Ask your dumbass friends if they know of a reputable artist." The horse pushed his glasses back up on his face and whinnied slightly. "What is important in a tent?" Horse_ebooks asked Thomas as Rebecca wrapped her fingers into his silky mane. It wasn’t really a question, but sounded more like the start of a crude knock-knock joke.

Thomas hesitated. He didn’t want to play into this. He wanted to get the image of Horse_ebooks and Rebecca’s pie out of his mind. He wanted to go back and start the hike over and push the horse down the slippery river rocks and—-“What is important in a tent.” Horse_ebooks repeated, slower and more dangerously.

Thomas could only shrug.

"Let’s just call her THE MONSTER." And with that, Rebecca hauled herself up on the back of the horse and they trotted back towards camp. Thomas could only watch in despair as the happy couple left him gasping for air and composure in the mossy undergrowth, arms full of sticks, gutted.

"Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree "Stop "Stop "Stop "Stop "Stop "Stop "Stop traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, traps, traps," Horse_ebooks’ voice carried through the trees and echoed into the night.


I missed being back home. New York City was so strange and foreign to me. This was my first Halloween since I had moved. I hadn’t had much luck making friends yet so I was surprised I found a party to go to. Everyone seemed to know each other here though. For a city of so many people, I felt completely alone.

I walked over to the punch bowl and raised my mask as I took a drink. A large brown horse wearing some sort of ill fitting green getup walked over. He lifted a hoof and stared at me. After what seemed like an eternity, I figured he was trying to introduce himself so I grabbed his hoof and shook.

"Shake Hands…yup…" he said.

"So uh, what are you supposed to be?" I asked.

He looked at me impatiently and muttered “frog”.

Finally, some common ground. “Ah yeah! My girlfriend… well, ex girlfriend, was a frog last year. What did you dress up as last year?”

"I was a 475 pound cab driver," he replied.

There was an awkward silence before he reached over and stroked my Superman costume. He looked at me longingly and said “It s pretty impressive material dude… Unfortunately I am married but if I”

He was interrupted by a man dressed as what I can only describe as a sexy cop. He kissed the horse on the nuzzle and started rolling a white cylinder over the horse’s costume.

The horse laughed nervously. “There is nothing more embarrassing than having your husband go at you with the lint brush”

His husband noticed the punch staining the fur around the horse’s mouth. “Honey, go and wash up. You’ve got punch all over you.”

"I ll wash my face when I damn" He stopped mid sentence and started doing breathing exercises to calm down. 

The husband handed me a drink. “Go ahead.” He said, with a smile. I sat down on a chair as the horse and his husband looked on.

"Sit back. Sip on your favorite beverage. Relax and imagine how good" were the last words I heard before waking up 12 hours later in a Queens apartment bathtub, missing a kidney.


"Crap." I thought to myself, looking at the blank page in Microsoft Word. The annual report was due in 5 minutes and I hadn’t even started it yet. I glanced over at the picture of my wife and kids on my desk and started to wonder how I was going to pay for my son’s operation.

The clock on my computer struck 12 and I heard the door to my bosses office swing open. My heart raced as the clops of his hooves drew nearer to my cubicle. I soon saw a brown horse head with a white mark on it’s forehead peering over the cubicle wall, looking at my computer screen.

"Absolutely nothing, NOTHING" he shouted.

"S-sir. I can explain. I was confused. I’ve never done one of these before. I was just promoted from the mail room a week ago."

"You Don t Have To Be A Nobel Prize Winner To Create HOT Information Products!" he responded angrily. "But many people have great ideas and want to write about them. Most people never will."

He looked back at me disapprovingly. “It s really over .”

"But, what about my wife! My sick son!"

"A new beginning for everyone."

I began to sound desperate. “But I was also the top salesman this month!”

"Your Sales Skills are meaningless" he replied. "I will tell you a true story. If you believe me you will be well rewarded. If you don t believe me,"

He shook his long, luxurious mane. “I noticed that my hair grew faster from spending time in my pyramid.”

Thats when it hit me. This whole company was a scam. “Wait. Thats why you keep trying to get me to get more people to work here and sell things. This is a pyramid scheme! Well you know what? I QUIT!” I slammed my fist on the table and grabbed my few possessions on my desk.

As I walked out the door, I could hear my boss begin to shout desperately.


An Amish Invitation

"Well, Mr. Horse_ebooks, would you like to say Grace?" Asked Mrs. Yoder, placing the last of the dinner plates down on the simple, homemade table. She gazed at her 7 children and husband, his long Amish beard hanging almost into his dinner plate. With a curt nod, he caught her gaze and adjusted it. Her youngest son had brought over a friend who had recently moved into their tight-knit community. She had been rather surprised that it was a full-grown stallion.

He didn’t look up at her. “doesn’t matter” Horse_ebooks said. He glanced at her youngest son, Jeremiah. They exchanged looks.

"Ok, well, I think that Samuel should. Samuel?" Her husband recited Grace and when they all opened their eyes, Horse_ebook was already nibbling at some corn.

"Do you ever get a hankering for corn…?" Horse_ebooks glanced around the table.

"Well, that’s not so polite, Horse_ebooks, is it? In any case, how do you like the food?" Mrs. Yoder asked.

"greasy" came his nonchalant reply. Mrs. Yoder pretended not to hear.

"So you moved from Ohio? How do you and your parents like it here?" Samuel Yoder asked. He could see his wife growing unhappy and had decided to step in.

"They are boring They follow the…" Horse_ebooks trailed off and stuffed some more food into his mouth before continuing, "Book Of Death."

Everyone fell silent and Jeremiah chortled slightly under his breath. No one really knew what to say. Mrs. Yoder was red and embarrassed, thinking maybe the Lord had sent this Horse_ebooks to challenge her. He wouldn’t get the best of her, she tought.

"What do you think of the bread? I have my two eldest daughters make it every day. We sell it at our farm stand on the weekends."

"The amount of labor which a loaf represents is almost incredible." He raised his eyebrows as if everyone should agree. Finally, Mrs. Yoder thought, dinner was back on track.

"It is, very much so, incredible…We were baking a loaf and thinking of the ingredients as every virtue we loved about our lives. What would go in your ‘virtue loaf’, Horse_ebooks?" Mrs. Yoder looked to her kids, who always loved this game. Naming the ingredients for different virtues. Silly, but not profane. She smiled to herself for making that up.

Horse_ebooks sat back for a second and put his hooves through his suspenders and thought quietly. “Worry Unforgiveness Pride Prejudice Lying Immodesty Hypocrisy Humility Honesty Hatred Gossip.”

"Ha, what a funny-man! Humor is a virtue in and of itself when the Lord challenges us," Samuel interjected quickly. "I like your suspenders. I heard your mother is quite the sewing expert. She made some of those for us, you know, and handed them out to us at church this morning—"

"By far, the fastest and easiest way of conveying that you re worthy of sex is through your clothes. Clothes communicate." Horse_ebooks let out a belch. Everyone stared.

"Clothes…" He trailed off wistfully. No one made a move. "fabric…" Again he stared past the table,t he food, through the window, and into the fields.

"Well, at least he’s speaking truthfully, Mother," said her eldest son, John. His Rummspringa was coming next month, and he was starting to get rebellious. Mrs. Yoder inhaled deeply, trying to calm herself.

Horse_ebooks pushed his chair back and walked to the back door. “Truth is often shameless, truth is not shy. Truth can be murderously horrible. Maija. (Reluctantly.)” He left, then turned back. “Please and Thank you!” And he was gone.