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The Late Night

Gina looked at the clock. It was 4:30 in the morning. Where was he!? Not at home, in bed, like she was. That was for sure. She turned over and angrily fluffed her pillow. A few minutes later, she had just turned over in bed when the door creaked open and light poured into the room.

"Psst! Shut the door!" She hissed out blindly, sitting up in bed and turning to look at him. Wobbling in on shaky legs, Horse_ebooks still wore his sunglasses and a sideways tie. He reeked of liquor and cigarettes. "Where were you?!"

"Sawdust flying from the hooves of dancing horses, glittering acrobats swinging high up in the trapeze, fanfares and braided jackets…" Horse_ebooks mumbled as he clopped to his side of the bed. He didn’t quite make it, and instead steadied himself against the windowsill, pulling off his four Kenneth Cole custom-sized dress shoes and throwing them against the opposite wall clumsily.

"Where? The circus? That ended hours ago. Where were you AFTER that?!" Gina was wide awake now, and angry.

"And life out of the circus ring was to be just as eventful, for circus folk are different, wonderful, funny—‘Find out how you can learn twist technique such as fold twist, loop twist, ear twist, apple or tulip twist and even split and pop!’" Horse_ebooks giggled as he tipsily careened towards the bed.

"What are you talking about, fold twist…tulip twist?" Gina asked.

"Balloon Twisting With Sam." He replied, shaking a crumpled dollar bill out of his saddle bag, which remained strapped to his hind quarters.

"You saw Sam? I asked you not to see him anymore. He’s such a fucking bad influence on you! Do you even remember what tonight is? It was our LAMAZE CLASS!" Gina could hardly take it. She sat up in bed and pointed at her pregnant bulge. "You promised if we had this baby, you’d come to these classes and stop being so slow and lazy during the day. I have had to clean your stall every day this week. I’m really starting to reconsider—"

She was cut off as Horse_ebooks swayed beside the bed and blurted out, “This is good to know because no one wants a slow, lazy—”

"I wasn’t finished, Ebooks. Where did you go to ‘tulip twist’ with Sam, whatever that is?!" She could feel the blood pulsing through the vein on her forehead.

"Maiden Magic." Horse_ebooks plopped down in bed. With a loud belch, he started to drunkenly sing, loudly and brazenly. "THE KNIGHT OF THE WHISTLE HE CAN DO—"

"Shut up! You’ll wake the entire neighborhood. What is WRONG with you? And Maiden Magic? Are you KIDDING me? That strip club near the airport? Those girls are disgusting. I can’t believe you’d pull something like this instead of just coming home after the circus. You have THIS at home waiting for you and you go fondle those deformed sluts!" Gina motioned to her face, and body.

Horse_ebooks raised his horse head from the bed laboriously and glanced at her. “Do you receive tips or other gratuities?” With that, he let his head fall to the pillow and passed out.

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